Sunday, 31 December 2017

Australia October 2017 - Sky Rail from Kuranda

I have a fear of heights - from the time I went on a school trip to the monument where the Great Fire of London started.  Before that, I was not aware of a fear of heights when I think back to some of the things I did as a child.  However, the Sky Rail was booked,so there was no option really - I had to go on it.

I did actually quite enjoy it, although at one point I was facing backwards in one of the 'cars' and felt a bit nauseous.  The young man sitting opposite very kindly offered to change places with me, and I was so grateful.
Our carriage awaits

This is the river we walked along briefly where we saw the passenger boat

We got off the 'car' here and went to the viewing point to see this waterfall

Going down

Almost down

 Next - last night in Cairns

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