Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Chelsea 2016 - Floral Marquee

My first port of call when I visit the Floral Marquee, has to be Fibrex Nurseries Stand.  I am never disappointed in their display - they are always awarded a Gold Medal.  


The following are other photo's I took inside the Floral Marquee -

Heuchera's, Heucherella's, and Tiarella's

Toby Buckland talking about one of the cacti in front of the TV cameras.

Fireworks Blue - a new hydrangea for 2016

Daffodils at the end of May

The cacti on this stand were amazing - how did they get them all to flower for Chelsea?

An amazing variety of potatoes - we don't get these in our local supermarket

She looks like a saucy lady!

Wish I could get Meconopsis to grow in my garden

Hyacinths in flower at the end of May - the scent was divine!

Finally, the floral decoration of the Queen's head by the florist of the New Covent Garden.  There was a large crowd around this.