Thursday, 8 August 2019

Mayfield Lavender Fields, Banstead

It's hard to believe that Mayfield Lavender Fields is only about ten miles from London.  I visited with two friends from the Camera club on a very hot day in early July, and we could have been in the South of France.  The scent of lavender in the air was wonderful - it is a wonder we did not fall asleep. 

On one side of the fields is a large area that has been planted with wildflowers.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Garden flowers at the end of July

I'm a bit late with posting this, but these are most of the flowers out in the garden at the end of July.  July was a mixed month weatherwise.   Some very hot days, and ending dull, wet and a bit on the chilly side, particularly at night.   

Sedum just coming into flower

This is Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff - it should be a much darker and brighter red

Dahlia David Howard


Lyly growing in a pot and placed in the border

 It's easy to see why this sunflower is named Teddy Bear


Courgette flower

White Sweet Pea

 One of the new Dahlias I have grown this year.

This is Nicandra physalodes, commonly called Shoo-fly plant, or sometimes apple of Peru.

Pink Sweet Pea

Hardy geranium Anne Folkard

 Rudbeckia growing in the front garden

Verbena bonariensis with honey bee

 Salvia Hot Lips

You can see how they got their name


White Phlox

This is a new Verbena I bought when we went to West Dean Gardens - tho colour is a much darker burgundy

Buddleia - This is a dwarf variety

 White buddleia - grown from a cutting given to me by my Uncle Bill

 California Poppy - I found an old packet of seeds in my seedbox - quite out of date and just threw them in the ground - only two seem to have germinated.  I hope I get more next year.

 Another Sedum - this one has darker flowers and very dark foliage/

Hosa Flower - I think this one is Praying Hands

Crocosmia - or is in Montbretia?  I can never remember

Hydrangea - growing in a pot.

Some of the pots