Monday, 6 June 2016

What's that noise in the greenhouse?

Working in my greenhouse last week I kept hearing fluttering noises from the small plastic greenhouse alongside one of my larger ones.  Going outside to investigate I could also hear a frantic chirping from nearby.  I was so surprised to see two baby wren's fluttering around in the greenhouse - obviously not able to find their way out, although the front was entirely open.  One did fly out, but one was still fluttering.  I dashed indoors to get the camera feeling sure it would be gone by the time I returned, but it was still there.  I was lucky to get these pictures.  Afterwards I went indoors for 15 minutes or so and when I came back it had gone.

To give you some idea of it's size, that is a 6" pot it is perching next to.

Close up

My favourite photo of all - love the way it is peeping through the leaves.