Sunday, 17 February 2019

RHS Wisley Gardens - 13/2/19 Alpine House and gardens

Just a few more photo's taken at Wisley last week.  The first ones are of the orchids on display by the glasshouse exit.  Some spring flowers on our way to the Alpine House.  The Alpine House looked as splendid as it always does, and then a few photos on our way out of the gardens.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019

RHS Wisley Gardens Great Brick Safari 13.2.19

Outside the Glasshouse Restaurant - waiting for lunch?

Sue and I decided that we should visit Wisley Gardens this week, so yesterday morning I picked her up and drove over to Wisley. We were a bit shocked that the last overflow car park was filling, but we decided we would take a chance and go on to the main car park.  We found that part of the old car park is being dug up and a new car park will be laid out, with proper parking spaces I guess.   Luckily we found a spot right at the end of the very last car park actually outside Wisley, saving us a very long walk from the overflow car parks.

Usually in February RHS Wisley have butterflies in the glasshouse, but this year they have made a change and have Lego™ animals.  They were quite impressive.

I loved these Meerkats who kept popping back into their holes and then up again.

Scary spiders

A cute baby tiger

Venus Fly trap

Huge Elephant

Playful pandas

Playful lion cubs

Can you see the bats?

This fearsome tiger greeted us when we entered the tropical zone

A crocodile by the glasshouse pond

This gorilla was making sure we all kept to the paths,

Cheery parrots

Another kangaroo


Baby zebra

Even a Lego™ cactus

And a Lego™ Fern

I'll post some photos of the gardens soon.