Wednesday, 24 April 2019

In the garden in April

What's growing and flowering in my garden this month?

Acer "Orange Dream"

The last of the Camellias
Cerinthe - I planted a few of these in the front garden last year but this is the only one to have survived the winter.



Clematis armdandii 

Erysimum "Bowles Mauve"

Euphorbia (spurge)
I have this growing at the back of the garage and the scent is wonderful whenever I walk past.  It does spread itself about though.   Wear gloves if you pull it out - the sap will make your skin itch.

Forget me Not
Fritillaria persica "Green Dreams"
I  have this growing in a pot

Fritillaria persica "Green Dreams"

Fritillaria persica "Green Dreams"

Honesty - this is the first flower this year.  I sowed mixed seed two years ago and the plan was that I would keep the white ones - only the mauve ones came up.  They've obviously spread about as I have quite a few seedlings in the back garden.

Hosta "Geisha Girl"
The Daffodils are almost over now - these are just a few remaining which  I had planted late in the year.

Fern Polystichum - these are incredibly soft to touch, irresistible

Fern Polystichum
  A few primroses still flowering - beginning to look a bit nibbled

A primula I got on the Bargain Shelf at the garden centre a couple of weeks ago - the other one I got has gone over, but they will flower next year.

Red Acer



Sedum Cape Blanco

Tulips - from Marie
  I have both Blue and White Bluebells in my garden - Sadly not English Bluebells, but a hybrid.

Wisteria - grown from seed by cousin Sue.  I have had this growing in a pot, but last summer I planted in the front garden against the wall.  It has flowered in the pot, but didn't the last year, which is why I moved it.