Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Australia October 2017 - Green Island and The Great Barrier Reef

When Pauline suggested the trip to Cairns I had hoped there might be an opportunity for us to visit The Great Barrier Reef.  There was!!    We booked a half day boat trip to Green Island and a semi-sub to see The Reef.   At 8.30 am the next day saw us walking along the jetty towards our transport to Green Island. An hour later, we had arrived at our destination - Green Island, apparently named by James Cook in 1770 for Charles Green who was an astronomer aboard the Endeavour.  It is now a popular tourist area and resort.

The semi-sub was awesome - very interesting.  However, although we were recommended the half day tour, we both wished we had gone for the whole day.  The Half-day tour turned out to be just four hours which is not half a day in my opinion!   We did get to walk around a bit of the island, but not to have a swim - although we did manage a short paddle!

Enjoy my photo's of a very memorable day!

It was dull and overcast when we set off, but the clouds soon cleared and the sun came out.

Iced coffee for Pauline and Ice chocolate for me

Inside the semi-sub

Desert Rose

 Next .....Cairns Botanical Gardens

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