Sunday, 27 December 2015

Trip to London

During my sister's last week here before she returned home (via Hong Kong), we had two days in London.   I asked her if there was anywhere in particular she wanted to see and she suggested we go to the River Thames.   We hopped on the underground train to Embankment and crossed the road to look at the river.  There we saw boat trips available so we decided there and then we would take a trip to Tower Bridge.  These are some of the pictures I took - before the battery died in my camera.

St Katherine Docks

First stop was here for our morning coffee - our favourite coffee house.

Pauline is checking her camera settings

The Queen's Barge - much smaller than I imagined.

 China Town

Piccadilly Theatre - Pauline treated me to this great show - Thank You Pauline

We had a great holiday - I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of our trips with us.  

Thank you Pauline for your company and the fun we had over your three weeks stay.  Roll on 2017 for more fun.