Friday, 22 March 2019

Another trip to Worthing and a Celebrity speaker

We took another trip down to Worthing this week - the main purpose was for me to get some yarn at the Fabric Store (they sell yarn as well).  Unfortunately, they did not have any of the colours I needed so I ended up sending away for it.  I was surprised to find that sending away for it only cost an extra 50p above buying it in the store.  I ordered it on Wednesday evening and it arrived this morning (Friday).  Fantastic service from Black Sheep Wools.

The weather when we went to Worthing was quite dull, but I managed to get a few snaps in during a short break in the clouds after lunch.

Once a year the village garden club invites a Celebrity Speaker.  Those who listen to Gardener's Question time will know Matthew Wilson.    He was an excellent speaker, informative and amusing.

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