Sunday, 24 March 2019

A few flowers in the garden today - 24.3.19

The sun was out this morning so I popped out to the garden and took a few photos of the flowers

Blue Periwinkle

White Hyacinth

Pink Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth
When I have had hyacinths growing indoors in winter I plant the bulbs out in the garden when they are over.  They tend to get less vigorous as the years go by

Pulmonaria - also known as Lungwort

Pulmonaria - also known as Lungwort

A double daffodil

Ribes sanguineaum - flowering currant

Close-up of Ribes sanguineaum - flowering currant

Flowering Cherry - almost over now.

Aubretia blue - Have no idea where this came from - it suddenly appeared one year growing on our wall and has spread - here it is growing on top of the wall

Here it is growing on the side of the wall.

Red double camelia

Muscari - or grape hyacinth

Pulsatilla vulgaris - better known as pasque flower.  This one is just opening,

Cowslip - I think.  this just popped up in the garden one year,

Pieris - also known as Lily of the Valley Shrub

The new growth on the Pieris is as attractive as the flowers. 

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  1. Lovely Gwen
    Been such a beautiful day as well 😘😘