Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Australia Trip - October 2017- Kapunda and a visit to Harold

We took a nostalgic trip out to Kapunda.  This is a small town where my parents moved to when my Dad retired.   Daniel and I stayed with them here on my first trip out to Australia in 1988 and it brought back many happy memories of our stay.

Kapunda is an old Copper Mining town, and many of the miners were originally from Cornwall.

This very large statue of a Cornish Copper Miner guards the entrance to the town of Kapunda. 
Pauline and Peter in front.

This was some sort of a ruined building on the same site as the statue, but we were unable to establish exactly what it was.

 This is the view that the Copper Miner looked out on.

 We had a light lunch (Cornish Pasties, of course) in a bakery.  There was a small museum in the cellar that we looked at before leaving.

We did not venture here - we didn't want to find out if there was actually a ghost or not!

 Kapunda High Street
 Kapunda High Street

Some views from the lookout.

We went on to visit an Iris Nursery - more on that in the next post.

The previous day we had been to Gawler to visit my brother in-law Harold.

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  1. Great Memories and lovely photo of yourself and brother-in-law Harold