Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Australia trip - October 2017 - Adelaide market area

On my way -

My trip was long overdue - it was four years since my last visit to my family in Adelaide.  My sister Pauline had to work for my first two days there.   On one of the days we went into the city and met her for lunch, having picked up my niece Amy's daughter Sophie from her diving class.   It was school holidays that first week, so Peter was looking after her. 

A few pictures of the market - not very good as it was quite dark in there.  Chinatown is right next door and, again, it was quite dark so my photo's were not very good.

Sophie with Peter by the Lion guarding Chinatown

Lion guarding entrance to Chinatown

Amusing Mazda car logo on the back of a car.

Interesting old cottage door window sighn

Cheerful street bench

Following is photo's of the pool where Sophie has diving practice.

Second photo is the adjacent pool with fun activities

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