Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A visit to Kent in May

Brian's cousin Sue and her husband Malcolm asked us if we would like to go to Kent to celebrate with them their Wedding Anniversary.   Sue said she had wanted to visit Sandwich ever since it was recommended to her.  Of course, we said Yes.   The weather was not very good, except on our last day, but we had a lovely time in great company.

We arrived late morning and after a trip into nearby Ramsgate where we had a light lunch and, as the weather was so cold and windy by the harbour, we decided to visit a local Nature Reserve with our cameras.  Unfortunately when we arrived it was almost their closing time and there would not have been enough time for us to look around.  But we were invited to see these birds of prey before they were taken back to their owners home.  Sadly I am not sure of the names of them, but will add what I can remember under each photo.

Tawny Owl - the owner said he had had her for 13 years, and she is about four years older than she would be if she lived in the wild.

A British Hawk - not sure of the name, but it has such delicate colours.

An American Hawk - not sure of the name

Well known to all - a Barn Owl.

This is is an Australian Owl - again, I'm not sure of the name.  Perhaps one of my Australian readers will tell me?

The next day we set off for Sandwich - a very small town, but very pretty and quaint.  The streets are very narrow also there is a one-way traffic system which winds around and around the town.  Trying to get out of the town using my SatNav was not easy as the Bridge was closed due to a building being repaired with scaffolding close by.   Unfortunately also the Directional signs seemed to fizzle out so we found ourselves driving round and round the town.  We began to think we were doomed to spend our lives driving round and round Sandwich!  However, all was well eventually and we managed to find our way out.


Water pump in centre of town

Door in Church - the Church was being restored, so a lot of building work inside.
This sign on a house front amused us.

 Some interesting windows and doors

I couldn't resist this one 

Sandwich is not on the coast, but there is a river from the sea to the town.  The harbour looked very much like a working harbour.

The bridge that was closed to traffic.  Whilst we were there two men opened the swing bridge.

After the morning in Sandwich we then drove on to Broadstairs.   Charles Dickens lived here many of the houses are mentioned in his novels.

Charles Dickens lived in the turreted brick building you can see in the top of the photo.

One of the properties mentioned in a Dickens novel and now a Dickens Museum

Sissinghurst Castle
We decided to make a detour to visit Sissinghurst Castle on our way home.  I had been there a few years earlier, but at a different time of year. It was just as lovely on this visit as it was before.
 Sissinghust Castle was the home of Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicholson.  Together they made the beautiful gardens which are popular with visitors today.   They are famous partly for their garden 'rooms' - The White Garden and the Red and Orange Garden.

View of the house from the Tower

The Tower - the first floor room was Vita Sackville-West's study

Door to the study and then on to the roof.

There's always someone who walks into your view when you're taking a photo!


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