Saturday, 6 October 2018

Adventures in France - Giverny

The long-awaited day had arrived - for me anyway. I have wanted to visit the house and garden where Oscar-Claude Monet (usually known as Claude Monet) lived for a long time We were up early and after breakfast at the restaurant near our hotel we made our way to the Metro to go to the Saint-Lazare Main Line station for the train to Vernon-Giverny.  It was a fairly short journey and when we got to Vernon we boarded the bus to Giverny.  Despite being early there was a very long queue for the house and we stood for over half an hour before we reached the end of the queue.

We entered the gardens via the Gift shop.  Then a short walk to the House.   The light in the house was perfect in all the rooms we went in.   The studio had very large windows to let in more light and Monet had had his bedroom windows, which were directly above his studio, enlarged as well.  The whole house was enchanting.

Despite there being hoards of other visitors, I found I could, on the whole, ignore them and was able to 'see' the house as it had been when Money lived there.  Sandy, though, has visited a few times in the past and was disappointed at how commercial it now is.  We were lucky to have visited on a bright and sunny day, and the light was amazing.    I could easily see why Monet loved it so.

The Outside of the House

In the two photos above you can see the large windows of the studio and the bedroom above.

The Studio

Photograph of Claude Monet in his studio - almost exactly as in the view below

View from the bedroom window

Claude Monet and his second wife Alice

'Cheeky' boys

The Dining Room

 The Kitchen

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  1. Just as I remember it Gwen. Always great to visit. Such a lovely place and so pleased you enjoyed. Great snaps.