Thursday, 3 May 2018

Abbotsbury Sub-tropical Gardens, Dorset

After our visit to the Swannery we drove a mile up the road to the sub-tropical gardens.  Well, actually we drove about 8 miles up the road because I missed the turning and there was nowhere to turn around!   But we saw some stunning views of the coast from the road.

We weren't able to find out much about the gardens, except I know they have been featured a couple of time on Gardeners' World.   There were not many open places to take photographs, and I imagine that later in the summer season it would be even more overgrown.   Having said that, it is somewhere I would like to visit again later in the season one year.


Love the name of this plant.  Tried to find it in the plant centre

Gunnera flower

We saw a kookaburra

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