Friday, 5 May 2017

Sculpture Garden at Birtley House - -April 2017

The Sculpture Garden has been an annual feature at Birtley House for the past nine years and seems to get bigger and better each year.  It is always such a pleasure to walk around the pleasant gardens in the early evening looking at some amazing work by talented artists.   I worked at Birtley House for eighteen years, so it is additionally pleasurable for me to return.   It was a lovely evening when Marie and I went to the Opening Evening.  

Here are just a few of the sculptures - the ones I would quite like to own, but are out of my pocket, and some are quirky and funny.    Some we did not understand at all, and I did not photograph them and now wish I had.  for instance - a line of nine or ten glass poles against a hedge, and another was about twenty or thirty coloured glass fish like shapes hanging from poles.   Very odd!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photo's - not great as they were taken in the evening so light was fading.

View across to the lake

The Surrey cows - these popped up all over Surrey last year.  they were named and sponsored, then auctioned.  The one in the front is named Liberty - an anagram of Birtley and named by a patient and a nurse from the Nursing Home.

I think this was called The Whisper

Secret Garden Door - it didn't open so didn't go anywhere!
"We are family" in Opal stone

The artist, Ronnie Dongo,  with his creation "The Yawn".  He also did the previous sculpture and the next two.

I did ask him if this was modelled on anyone and he laughed and said not, just in his head!

This is just called "Abstract" in Opal stone

Loved this cheeky fox with a feather in his mouth 

Looks like a laughing hare

Caught it!

Another cheeky fox 

Pig in a tub!


I think these are called "Swish" and there are red and blue ones - in steel and glass.

The Great Auk

Kirk Douglas

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these sculptures at Birtley House

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