Monday, 3 April 2017

Clematis and Pasque flowers in the garden - 3.4.17

We can see this Clematis armandii from the kitchen window - it grows behind and up a hibiscus shrub.   Last year I gave it a good prune, but I also (now please don't think badly of me) throw my banana skins around the base of it during the winter months.  Why?  I hear you ask.  Well, I can't stand the smell of old banana skins in the box I keep in the kitchen for vegetable scraps bound for the compost bin.   So, out they go around various plants, but only during the winter months.  They soon go black in the cold and became invisible.   In the summer they do go on the compost.  Banana's are full of potassium - good for flowers.  I'm not sure if the banana skins are the reason for the prolific flowering of the clematis this year, but I have never seen it have so many flowers before.

Clematis armandii

The Pasque flowers are growing in a shallow pot on the patio - a left over from Brian's very brief interest in growing Alpines a few years ago.  Most have gone, but I can't bring myself to throw the contents of this pot away because of the beautiful flowers that come up each spring.  They seem to like it there as the plant has increased in size since it was planted.
Pasque flower - (Pulsatilla)

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  1. At me clematisy have not even buds, you are beautiful. Regards.