Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Capel Manor Gardens in June - Part 1 - The Individual Gardens

I have been visiting the Pelargonium Shows in my capacity as Membership Secretary of  the former British Pelagonium & Geranium Society, and now The Pelargonium & Geranium Society since their merger in 2009.   Both before, during and after the show I am always very busy helping to organise it, so I have never in all these years managed to see the gardens.  This year I was determined that I would take a walk around the gardens and made sure I had another committee member available to cover for me. 

I really was not disappointed in the gardens.  There are over 60 gardens and landscapes to explore in this 30 acre estate,  The Manor House, which was established in the late 13C, and Victorian Stables block, is now a well known Horticultural College.

During my walk around I took many photographs on my small Nikon camera.  The gardens are divided into several distinct areas, so I will put my photographs up here to reflect this.

The individual gardens - these are small individual gardens that the students work on to represent small urban back and front gardens; some small, some larger.

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