Monday, 21 December 2015

Fjords Cruise - Bergen

Pauline and I both absolutely loved Bergen, which was our last stop on the cruise.   As the Lonely Planet Guide says: "Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is an utterly beguiling city...."    

These little passages between some of the shops were fascinating - notice the wooden floor boards.

You may have noticed in previous posts that I love gargoyles - I especially liked this three-faced king high above the shop front.

More passages

We met another old chap - we never did find out if he was a troll

Behind the tree in front of this building is Starbucks - home of delicious coffee and free wifi for thirsty travellers.  There was also a fascinating food market.

The fish market (and they sold vegetables here as well)

War memorial

We took the Funicular to Mount Floyen via the Funicular.  I have to admit to a fear of heights so was slightly hesitant about this, but my sister persuaded me and I was so glad I did.    The views were spectacular

We were down by this lake with its spectacular fountain an hour or so previously.

Our ship!

It's beginning to get a bit misty.

Going down

A last look at the harbour before boarding our ship for the return journey

We had only just returned to the ship when the mist came down thick and fast.

I had a go at stitching some of the above photo's together to make a panorama - I am quite impressed.

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